A few weeks ago my left inner labia started to irritate me, with an uncomfortable itch. It's specifically near the top, almost touching the clitoral hood.
It itched on and off during a few days, then stopped for a week, came back, left, and came back.
I have small, perfectly symmetrical labia minora, not even protruding past the outer labia.

Asides from a little bit of swelling, I have no other symptoms.

I realize this could be an std, but I'm hoping to hear any other possibilities meanwhile, before I get to see a doctor.

The irritation appeared 6 or 7 weeks after the last time I had sex. The sex wasn't promiscuous, and it WAS protected.

And I'll add this, to give all the facts, I have a vertical clitoral hood piercing. I've had the same barbell in it for a year and a half. I only have it in every few days. Could I have developed a sensitivity to the acrylic ball? It touches the itchy area.

But, I have had the ball forever without any problems, and wouldn't the other side be affected also?

Thank you for getting back to me, in advance