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i got my period yesterday, and i have been on birth control for about a month. i'm on my sugar pills right now. my bf finished inside of me and its the second day of my period. i have a normal cycle, and it last for about a week and comes back every 28 days.

but, i recently had a sinus infection, and on it it says it can lower the effectiveness of birth control. i completely forgot. but, i also stopped taking them about a week or so ago.

so, is it possible that i can be pregnant? even though it's the second day of my period, i have been on birth control for about a month, but also just stopped taking an antibiotic


Not likely to be pregnant. But you can call your pharmacist to ask about the antibiotic affects on the BC pills. With the period just finishing you probably won't be ovulating so quickly so there won't be an egg there to implant. Ask the pharmacist to be sure. It is always a good idea to add protection when you are on the antibiotics because it does change how effective the BC can be. For how long? Ask the Pharm. specifically.