hi, I started birth control pills in the beginning of February, on my very first period (week of placebos) On my 7th day of period bleeding I noticed the worst cramping of my entire life, literally can't think of any other pain I've ever had that compares. Next few days was soaking through giant pads every hour. An having major clots (size of a half my fist) Went to the Dr and was told I'm severely anemic with a humoglobon of only 7. and that the bleeding anf clotting could be a miscarrage, took pregnancy test and was negative. I freaked out at the mention of blood transfusion and my Dr said she wanted to switch my birth control to another one, to put me on 3 iron pills a day and take new bc in the am and other bc in the pm. I did this and ate a high iron diet and followed my pill dosage and time religiously. within 4 days bleeding stopped. I was told to go down to regular 1 bc pill a day once the bleeding was under control. So I did just that. My third day of no bleeding I had sex with my boyfriend. Next night heavy bleeding and clotting returned. Made an appt with my Dr 3 days later and explained that this time I'm really scared. I broke down crying. they took my humoglobon and had gone up to 9.8 still low but improving quickly in only 2 weeks and still bleeding. I was sent to the lab to test for Von willebrands and test came back negative. bleeding still has not stopped but isn't continuous, it comes whennim about to pass a large clot. then stops. I was placed on a different bc again last week in hopes of leveling out. not happening. I have an appt in 3 days for a uterine biopsy to rule out any cancers but am just regretting going on BC at all to begin with. I'm so scared and just want my life back! in exhausted alllllll the time and can't even work out until my humoglobon goes up to 12! This is literally ruining my life, please help!!!!