My father was attacked by paralysis[right leg, hand] and got blood clot in the some parts of skull area and found he has diabetis during his medication at hospital.

After 4 months he recovered 70 % and started walking using steel walker stand.
But after that suddently he was getting fever and vomitings . while in the process of examining the reasons he got attacked with hypoglacemia and admitted into hospital. after examination there in hospital doctors found that his right kidney got infection and loaded with pus cells. Initially they bought serum cretinine to control and suggested to have nephrectomy but later told that as his age is 52 they can't do nephrectomy due to high risk.

Doctor gave 5 day course and discharged him but during this he is again attacked with fitts and got admiited.

His pus cells counts is not remaining consistent sometimes it is 10- 30, 50-60, 120-150 ,150-200.
But his sugar levels are in control
Now it is nearly 2 months he is taking treatment for it but no improvement infection is not reducing.
Now also oftenly he suffers from fever and after giving an dolo tablet it will reduce.

Please help me in this regard. how my father can be treated so that he can become healthy.

How long it takes to recover from kidney infection.

Please help me in this regard.