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Well i'm 11 days post op from pph surgery and after the unbearable pain of the first week I am feeling better. Still sore and for some reason I feel a bit stingy (maybe because I overdosed on stool softner through fear of a hard bm) but my worse thing is that on around day 7 I was on the toilet and realised I had a large lump coming out of my anus. That evening I have a lot of heavt bleeding and blood clots and went to my surgeon the next day. He couldnt feel anything and I was to sore to use any instruments. Was hoping the lump was a mass of blood that had come out but today it's happend again. I am going back to the surgeon but just wondered if there was anyone else out there who has experience this?


Please keeps me post about your situation.  I'm on day 8 post surgery and feel a swollen lump came about about 2 days ago?