Day Surgery 1/20/2017 2PM*Released to Home 5PM*Admitted to Major Hospital for Excruciating Pain 1/21/2017*Released Home 1/29/2017 3PM

I have been dealing with 3rd and 4th Degree Internal and External Thrombosed Hemorrhoids for approximately 10+ years. I have used every type of medicine available, made my own creams, and when severe enough, I would use my insulin needles to inject Lidocane into the worst of the worst, and slice them open with a scalpel. My external hemorrhoids ranged in size from raisin to plum.

Over the past 4 years or so they had gotten so bad, I went to a Board Certified Doc Specializing in Colon/Rectal problems, especially Severe Hemorrhoids. An upper and lower scope gave me my official diagnosis, but I was entirely too terrified to have any surgery on my rear end.

Fast forward 3 years, and I was losing (measured in a toilet hat) 3 pints of blood in 5-6 days. My primary Doc, The PPH Doc, and even I, had convinced myself that the PPH Surgery was the way to go, and that I had to do something ASAP. All the Docs, The YouTube Video's, Testimonials, Forums, Q&A's, etc., etc., all convinced me that the PPH would be the way to go. I would only be in minor pain, the pain meds would be a tremendous help, I would be up walking and doing very minor activities within a week. I made my appointment on Tuesday for Surgery on Friday. I was TERRIFIED. I have had many surgeries on almost every part of the body, but this was different.

I woke up from surgery, I was mostly numb, I was released from Day Surgery, and made the 50 mile trip home relatively pain free. Then the numbing started to wear off. So I took 2 Dilaudid and 2 Torodol, then more pain hit me like a ton of bricks. So I took 2 more Dilaudid and called my Surgeon at 1:45am. Then again at 5:15am. Then I got a call to go to Admissions Immediately on Saturday, the Day after Outpatient.

Trying to describe the immense, excruciating, non-relenting pain is almost impossible. The pain was a 10+++. More painful that childbirth(7.5-8.2), more painful than an open, abdominal surgery I had where I was cut open from sternum to pelvis(9.2-10). I couldn't urinate, so I was repeatedly catheterized, and my 1st tie to poo was a horrible accident. I sneezed on accident, couldn't control my bowels, and had an explosive, painful, mess all over my bed, sheets, gown, etc., etc....My room smelled like a feed lot, and any bit of modesty, embarassment or bit of self-control was gone. I was beyond humiliated. My God it HURT!!!!

I was in the Hospital for 8 long days just trying to get SOME pain control!! Every movement hurt, my rectal area was so black and bruised it looked like i had been raped by a baseball bat, the Doc and nurses acted like I was unaware of what "Pain" was, and I had to set the alarm on my phone for IV pain Meds, they were PRN, and I had to ask for them.

It was the most horrible, painful surgical experience I have ever had in my 47 years. If I had known the extent of the pain, and the lack of pain control I would have been forced to deal with, I would have just kept the hemorrhoids forever. I have been home a couple of days now...The sitz baths are still a lifesaver when it comes to having a BM. The Miralax at night, and relaxing that area during the sitz baths are the only way, even 11 days out, that I can poop.

My sincerest thoughts of good will to everyone suffering from the horrific curse of Hemorrhoids. I hope you make the best decisions for YOU!