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My last normal period was Feb 26. It lasted 4 days as usual. My next period was due March 30. My cycle is usually 30-32 days. I had mild cramping and symptoms that aunt flow was coming but she never showed. Then the week after Easter, around April 9th I started very lightly spotting pink when I wipe. It is not enough to make it to a panty liner. This spotting has continued on and off since. It is very light pink in color, and no clots. I've had tender heavy feeling breasts and odd feelings in my lower abdomen, not really pain but different feelings and I have been very HOT. I am always cold with a body temp of 97 or so and my temp has been 99.1-99.7 for the last month. I also have had stuffed up sinus', which I thought was allergies and have been experiencing heart burn. I had NEVER had heartburn until I became pregnant in 3 1/2 years ago. I am 26 years old and not on birth control. I lost a pregnancy in 2003, no children. I took a home test April 13th and it was neg. Any one else had a similar experience? What could it be? Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


hey i am experincing the same, did you ever find out if it was pregnancy or not???