First a little background  info. I am 33 years old mother of 3.  I had a tubal ligation 10 years ago during a c-section. 2 years ago I did become pregnant but it was a ectopic in which I received an injection of  methotrexate to treat, I didn't have to have surgery.  The doctor did not have an explanation for the pregnancy.  My cycles have been irregular ever since the ectopic pregnancy ranging from 30 to 45 days until June.

I had  normal period that began on June 20th.  The last week of July I thought I was starting my cycle.  I just spotted brown discharge for a week then stopped.  Then a few days after stopping, I started spotting again, this time it's brown and light pink. It is very light, only needing a panty liner. This has continued for approximately 2 weeks now.  I did take a pregnancy test about a week ago which was negative. I can't get into the OBGYN till September 5.  Just curious if anyone has experienced this.