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I have been having a light pink spotting only when i wipe since November 29th and it's December 3rd. This morning when I went to the bathroom it was a dark red this time and now I have to use a panty liner. I have.minor cramps and my lower back hurts a little. My last period was November 15th-19th. I called my doctors office so now I'm waiting for a call back. Is this implantion bleeding? What do you think? Thank you.


Hi Sammy,

I don't think you are pregnant.  

The timing is "off" for implantation bleeding.  Normally it would happen about a week before your period is due, so you're about a week early.  

Having your period on the 15th, you'd likely ovulated between the 26 Nov and 1 Dec.  Implantation bleeding usually occurs about 7-10 days later, it varies.

Also, you normally don't need a pad for implantation bleeding.

It may be ovulation bleeding. 

Good luck.  Please let us know what the doctor says.