Ok so first off my period is always 5 days and regular absorbency. I never know when to expect my period bc it has a mind of its own. We have been trying to conceive for 8 months. I had a cyst rupture a few months ago, got an ultra sound that showed it was gone and got a regular period twice afterwards. Then didn't have a period for 55 days which would have been normal for me if we weren't trying to conceive bc sometimes I've only had 5 periods in a year. So my last regular period was from 2/21/13-2/25/13. On 3/29/13 I began having brown discharge, very light and only when I peed. It kinda turned into brownish blood but still light and only a tiny spot on a panty liner but visible when I wiped. After spotting brown for 4 days it turned pinkish. Now it's been pink spotting for 5 days! A total of 9 days of spotting and counting but not enough to fill one panty liner the entire time! My last hpt was 2 days ago and it was negative. I plan on making a dr. apt on Monday but what could this be?? I haven't had any symptoms but have been extremely tired and stressing about what could be wrong.