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Dear all,
has anyone used Levitra?
how does it effect a man?how can you understand that one takes levitra or not?

any ideas?



Hi gudi,

How old is the person, if you are thinking someone does, that is "taking" the levitra?

Here is some information on Levitra also called Vardenafil Citrate.

LEVITRA helps increase blood flow to the penis, so it may help men with ED get and keep an erection that lasts long enough to finish having sex. Once a man has completed sexual activity, blood flow to his penis should decrease and his erection should go away

LEVITRA belongs to a class of drugs called "PDE5 inhibitors." It works by increasing blood flow to the penis to improve erectile function. The active ingredient in LEVITRA works specifically on the chain of events that occurs in the penis during arousal, when two large chambers in a man's penis fill with blood

Because it is a condition that interferes with blood flow, high blood pressure, also called hypertension (HTN), is frequently associated with erectile dysfunction (ED).

High blood pressure is high pressure (tension) in the arteries. Arteries are the "pipes" that carry blood from the pumping heart to all of the tissues and organs of the body. When blood pressure is high

(140/90 mm Hg or over) for a long time, these "pipes" get stiff or narrow, which keeps the blood from flowing easily throughout the body. Blood flow is critical to healthy erectile function

There are some young men whom of which may experience what is termed erectile dysfunction. This is nothing to be ashamed of, as many things happening in the body can have an effect, it has been said that sometimes even diabetes can have an effect. It is VERY important that NO ONE should take ANY medicine without approval from a doctor.

Because Levitra and other drugs in its same classification can interact dangerously with others, but doctors already know this.

Hope this helps.




you are always so helpful..thank you so much..
he is around early 40-s.
i dont know if it says anything to you..?
how can one understand that a man is using levitra?do you know?

thank you sooo much


Hi Gudi,

Well, I am not sure what you mean by understand.

When I deal with patients with this issue, erectile dysfunction, it is a VERY sensitive issue to them. Most of the time they dont share it with you. I guess that it has become a "bad stigma" if you will. I dont see it that way. Of course, though most of the patients that I see with ED have some other issues going on in their bodies. I have seen VERY young men come in with ED and the poor chaps, they often look so sad and embarassed.

I try to encourage them (tactly the best way I can), and assure them that they are not the only ones, and it is NOT an issue with their "manhood". With every due respect to men....they are VERY sensitive when it comes to issues with their male genitalia.

You mentioned this man is 40, are you wanting to ask him? How long have you guys known each other, and are you close in you ability to communicate.

Their really is no way to "know" if they take it or not. If you are considering dating this chap, if he respects you and your heart, what a blessing. Be careful to not disrespect his "dignity" though. Men and women are SOOOO different, and ALL of our different qualities are the biggest blessings, because we strengthen each other.

MANY blessings to you.



Dear Hizgrace,
what i meant by "understand" was that a man using levitra may stand erected like 30 minutes or an hour or two hours?i mean could you really put a timeline like that or it differs from man to man?

i am not planning on asking him that because that might hurt his feelings but i saw the box in his drawer so i know but im not sure if he is really using it..anyway,it does not matter..i just wanted to be sure that i was the one who could make him erected but maybe that is the pill that makes him that any case i just do not wanna bother him..

we are open and speak about everything..
but i think about this i can not talk to him..

thank you so much about your help,support..