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I have been on the birth control pill tri-nessa for a little over four months now. There were a couple of days last month were my timing wasn't very consistent. One day I was four hours late, another day I had taken it half an hour early. With that said, I have NEVER missed a day. One night after intercourse I noticed that there was blood in my urine. But didn't think anything of it, as I'm still somewhat new to this, and sex still hurts a little. I am extremely worried as a few days later, before I was about to start my inactive pills I started noticing a brown discharge. This continued for a little over a week. I did experience some bright red blood with one or two clots, but it was an usually LIGHT "period" for me. Again, I'm not even sure if this was my period, as the majority of blood was brown... Another thing that concerns me, particularly when i urinate, I noticed fresh blood when I wipe. This seemed to be about 80% of the time that the blood would come out. But not enough to wear a liner. It didn't eventually stop after about five days later. I am not sure whether or not this was my period. I am now 8 days into my new pill pack. And I am experiencing slight cramping/abdominal pain, breast tenderness. And what seem like constant headaches. I don't know if this is me being paranoid or not, but would really like some peace of mind. Is it possible to become pregnant by taking the pill a few hours late? Was that my period, or does it sound like implantation bleeding? I am trying to wait it out until my next period, but I can't stop worrying. Thanks!


Usually taking the pill on time is what's recommended but saying that - you are still protected even if you delay the pill by a few hours.  It is still effective.  Also, there are instances of women getting pregnant although they are taking their birth control.  If you still don't get your period when you are expecting it, then take a pregnancy test but make sure you use your first pee of the day for the best accuracy.

Good luck and hope this helps