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Okay, so i'm 14 and i lost my virginity about 5 days ago i think. In the night i lost it, we had sex three sepparat times but taking breaks in between. I bled quite a bit that night, but nothing that concerned me because i knew it was normal. But starting the 2nd night since i lost it, i started bleeding again, but very heavy, like i was on my period but with a veary heavy flow. I'm still bleeding now and i have been using tampons to absorb it, like i'm on my period. I'm starting to get nervous because i already had my period this month before i had sex for the first time. Its now the 5th day and i'm still bleeding so heavily that every 3 hours or so when i change the tampon i'm using to absorb the blood, its 100% full. Does anyone know what this means? Should i see a docter? Are these signs of pregnancy?


No. It typically wouldn't be linked to Pregnancy. Although if it doesn't subside soon, go see your doctor.