Last Monday my spouse noticed a lump on the left side of his head right above his hairline.  Last Wednesday he went to Urgent Care because of head aches and they gave him antibiotic (not sure the name of it).  He started taking them on Thursday and it hasn't helped he is still having horrible head aches. Today one week later he went to his family doctor and he made an incision and said the lump is 6cm by 8cm and said their was no pus that came out and took him a while to stop the bleeding.  He contacted a surgeon and I have an appointment tomorrow for him to do exploratory surgery!!! I am really scared of what this could be especially since it grew this large in a week.  I am still suffering from head aches and I can barely turn my neck it is a little red and very tender to touch.  Please let me know your thoughts on what it could possibly be.