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Hey I noticed a lump on the top rear of my head, right center.
I dont recall bumping it....but I have an almost constant "light" migraine from this area, behind my left eye, near drop me at times....been suffereing some serious neck pains as well....harder to concetrate.
Its been a week since i noticed the lump-im worried...going to book to see my doctor.
Also i have this horrible cough that came about the same time.
I am 31, pot smoker, cig smoker. Took seizures as a young child.
There is a hereditary disorder in my family I can't remember the name but will ask my Mom as she has it. You loose
depth perception/balance-has a cool sounding name. But am not familiar with my relatives with it getting lumps.
Please somebody educated tell me honestly it probably ISN'T a tumor. I can't leave my wife here alone, I swore in my
vows I would always be here for her.

Thank you.


you should ask your doctor about lyme disease. i had the dizziness/headaches and the first thing they asked was aches in my neck or bumps or bites. have you been hiking or camping recently?