Hi, I have a lump on the right side of my head between the top of my ear and my temple(maybe the size of a marble, but not raised that much). It doesn't hurt, even when touched. It does hurt when rubbed for a while but in short sharp pains. It does not move with the skin. I first noticed it after I had blood in my ear after using a q-tip, I went to my aunts place of work because she is a nurse (bariatrics) and she had a look inside my ear. She found that I had a lot of ear wax in both of my ears (I've always gotten hard ear wax and I've had to have my ears cleaned 2 or 3 times already) and said it was an infection, she cleaned out both of my ears. The week after this I started to feel bad I was spitting up mucus every few minutes and had no appetite along with sharp pains at random spot on my head (mostly temple area or the bottom of the back of head). My aunt gave me a z-pak for this, I completed the z-pak and now a few days after I no longer have the mucus or the loss of appetite. However, I still get the sharp pains in my head every now and then. The pain level of these sharp head pains in pretty low maybe 4/10, should I go get this checked now or wait and see if it gets better/worse?