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Can anyone help me with a question about my horse? When I went to see her yesterday (I live in an apartment, and the horse is in my brother's yard) I noticed a lump on her leg. It is the left hind leg. I need some guidance about how I know if the lump is there because she injured herself in some way, or if it is something like a cyst, or even a tumour. Can you shed some light on this?


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Hey Dur,

I have worked at a vet clinic for several years and I'm in the process of getting into Vet School. I have also had horses my whole life so I can relate well to your situation.

first off can you describe in greater detail where the lump is, how big it is what it feels like and if its painful your her. also is there any way you could get a picture of it? that would help a lot.

The lump most likely occurred due to an injury such as hitting her leg in the edge of a stall, feed trough, wall, fence post ect. also is your mare out with any other horses or livestock?

Thanks. looking forward to helping you further.