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My 18 year old dog has a few lumps around her body, and I have taken her to the vet before, who told us it was just fatty lumps. This lump she has on her belly now seems a lot bigger, is hard and can't be moved around underneath the skin. I am afraid it is a tumor. What do you think?


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hey there taylor,

I too have a dog with fatty tumors (lumps) I have worked at a vet clinic for several year and im in the process of getting into Vet School.

These fatty lumps can get quite large and sometimes, depending on how deep they are or what they are attached to, can be firm and have a very small range of motion.

you can have these lumps removed if they are a concern to you. also a dog can develope numorous lumps especially if the dog is obese.

these fatty tumors are harmless and just look and feel odd. if the large ones are bothering you, go to your vet and request a fine needle aspirate. the vet will draw some of the cells from the lump into a needle then examin them under a microscope. A vet can tell a lot by this and will beable to add another level of security as to if these lumps are fatty tumors or not.

Hope this helps let me know.
Thanks ;-)