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Hey folks.

Yesterday, I was playing with my cat. I had a day off from my college, and I was finally happy, I had a time to spend it with my dear pets. Well, I was running all day at the yard with my cat, she was so playful.

It was raining, but we didn’t care that much about it.  

When we went in the house, I started to clean her, and I have noticed something hard on the top of her paw.

I took a closer look, and I saw that there is something like hard lump on the top of my cat’s paw.

What it can be?


Hey there.

I need to ask you one thing – when you touch this lump, is your cat in pain?


Now, there is a possibility that she caught something while she was playing outside, maybe she did hurt her leg. In this case, there is no big reason for you to be worried. All you need to do is take your cat to the vet and let him clean this wound, because of possible infection.

But, in any case, you should visit the vet, as soon as possible.

Like I told you, it could be nothing, but it could be something serious, as well.

Good luck!





Uh, ugly subject, but let’s start. A very small injury can cause a bump, and it may be healed on its own, but it can be infected as well. I think that this is not that alarming, and you should make an appointment with your vet, but also, if you do it in three of four days – I think that this won’t change anything.

Try to see if this bump disappearing or not. If not, than vet is the only one who can help you.

Also, I really don’t want to scare you, but it can be tumor, called lipomas, and it can show up anywhere on your cat’s body.



Hey everyone.


In my case, bump was there because she was playing and she stepped on something that hurts her paw.

Basically, it was nothing serious, she got that little infection, but we cure it with some meds.

So, it can be this.

But, like other members already told you, there are some chances that this can be cancer :/ which I hope that it is not.


In any of those cases, you should visit the vet.

I sincerely hope that it is nothing – but my friend didn’t believe that her cat was sick and she had cancer :/

I hope that she will be fine :)



Hello. It can be serious, it can be dangerous. Vets often refer to superficial lumps and bumps are masses. It means that this can be a tumors or growths, even if they are not cancerous. Well, most of those lumps can be dangerous, and your vet will need to find out these lumps. In your case, it might be nothing, because you told us that you two were playing outside, and he or she might stepped on something that hurt the paw. In any case, bumps can be dangerous, like every other thing that you can see on your pets paw.