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Good day everyone.

My brother left a cat because she is always sick and she is really skinny. That is so cruel. He just kick her out of his house and she came in front of my house. We are living in the same street, but we don’t talk to each other :/


Long story!


I was sorry, so I took her. What can I do? I couldn’t leave her to die, to be hungry.

When I was bathing and feeding her I have notice that her leg is swollen. I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to ask him!


I made an appointment with the vet and I am going to see him tomorrow.

I hope that she is going to be much better.


I am very curious – what are the most common causes of swollen leg in cats?




It can be anything. It can be some allergy, you know how cats are- they’re allergic to everything.

I’ve noticed that you said ‘’her leg is swollen'' in your post, and then again it says ‘’swollen leg’’ in the topic title. So it's only one leg?

If it’s only one leg it is possible that she got bitten by a spider or even a snake or something. I guess this wouldn’t be an option if there are more than one swollen leg. Again, if it’s only one swollen leg, it can be a bee sting. Or it can be a simple injury.



By what you have told us about your brother, I think that you have made the right decision by not talking to him… But it’s not like that’s any of my business.
There are so many options so here is what I would suggest you to do. Clean that poor cat’s leg and check for anything unusual. See if there are any foreign objects, maybe some wound and pay attention to her nails. Maybe she has some overgrown nail. Those would be the most common causes for leg swelling.
If you find anything try to remove it safely/ clean the wound and go straight to the vet.


I know that this is your brother, but he is really heartless.

I wouldn’t talk to him ever again. I am sorry but I am honest.


Anything can cause swollen leg in cat. Some forge in objects can be the reason. But very often it can be caused from your cat's nails. So take a look at them.

Foot and nail injuries are very common causes. Your cat can step on glass, splinters, some sharp objects that can cut your cat’s leg and paws.

If this happened to your cat, you should examine her leg very carefully and don’t forget to look between her toes.



Hey there.

When I read all those topics I think that I am one of those owners who is struggling with every possible issue :)


I had this problem with all my cats I think lol :)


When my cat’s leg was swollen, she didn’t let me to touch her leg. I could see that she is in pain.

Tnx God it was nothing serous - she was playing in the yard of my mom and she stepped on some glass. I think that she was running almost a mile after this.

When we came back home I could see that there was a little blood.

Tnx God I notice this on time.

We went to see the vet and he cleaned the wound.

Nothing serious.




Last month my cat had swollen leg but she was not in pain. I noticed that because she was laying on the couch and her leg was hanging down. I was playing with her and I notice this.

It was nothing serious, at least when I look at it nothing was so bad.


I tried to clean her leg and I took her to the vet.

It was really hot day outside and he told me that there is a possibility that she was playing with some mouse, maybe she was chasing a bird and she got hurt her leg this way.


It is very common cause according to his words.



I remember when my friend’s cat had a swollen leg we thought it was nothing serious so we didn’t pay much attention to it. We expected it to go back to normal in a few days, but that didn’t happen. That’s when she decided to take her to the vet. She wasn’t worried before she went there, but when she came back she was super nervous. She told me that her dog had had injured his leg and that caused it to swell. The vet said that if she came back a few days later, he wouldn’t be able to save his leg.




Really? I had no idea it can be that serious.

I mean, it’s not like I would ever leave my cat there in  pain with a swollen leg, I would most definitely take my cat to the vet immediately if I would ever notice his leg is swollen. But I would never guessed that a simple injury can lead to such a serious problem.

To be honest, there was this time, years ago, when my oldest cat had a swollen leg and I didn’t do anything about it. I’m feeling a bit guilty now, even tough everything was ok with the cat. The swollenness disappeared in a day or two.