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First of all a bit of background about me, get past this and you can then see my current concerns, but felt it good to give background on what I was taking, and the problems I have, even though not great, as allergies I have lived with for over 25 years, and not retested for allergies in all this time, so presume allergic to just the same things and not more, so here we go, hope you can get through this and look beyond to the current concerns. Thanks for your time and even replies, I shall reply to you too.



I am a 49 year old woman, 3 children, part time job and married


I currently take

180mg telfast every day for allergies

1 x cimidine tablet per day (which can help with allergies but is generally used for ulcers; gastroesophageal reflux disease )

125mg of levothyroxine for underactive thyroid which I was diagnosed with 10 years ago

dry eye drops each day


someone said on this forum that allergies maybe that’s cause of I think swollen nodes?


Even bad PMS?I also have underactive thyroid for 10 years don’t know if connection maybe here?


also get Raynaud's, my hands get very bad in cold weather and even my feet too sometimes. This really does get on my nerves as my fingers get so bad in this cold weather, I wear two pairs of gloves and no one else’s hands get like this. I can feel them getting bad under my gloves. And if I take my gloves off my fingers I can see are starting to go white. They hurt really bad and then they go mauve, not a good colour and you worry as they stay this mauve for ages and wont come back for ages. If near home I can make a cup of tea to put my hands around the warm mug, but this does not bring them back, so then put them in warm water to bring them back, it frightens me this. I cant go to the toilet and pull my jeans down properly as the only fingers that don’t get affected with this are my little and thumb. So making coffee and the jar was a bit empty the other day I could not get the spoon down properly as holding the spoon very awkward with little finger and thumb if you can imagine it. Having your circulation go mauve for ages worries me I don’t like this at all and it keeps happening, this started about 4 years ago but every year its the same and its really bad now its really cold. Just going outside will do it. IS THIS PART OF ANOTHER DISEASE?Plus migraines


I went to the dermatologist about 25 years ago and they did a scratch test and then a skin test for allergies. I also went to ENT (said I had rhinitis. I have used sprays over he years given by doctors but after so many years get fed up of these and give them up, only when really bad do I start on a spray again). The dermatologist said I have uticaria, which I cant get rid of, so have to take tablets all the time for all these years as I am so itchy even with them let alone with out them. Have tired to give up and I cant. Only when I have had my 3 children, been pregnant have things been better with allergies. The skin allergy test 25 years ago showed grass, pollen, dust, house dust mite and that’s all that I was allergic to and was quite surprised not more. They did not offer me back then a allergy blood test. I have had no more allergy tests since. But I cannot give up the antihistamines have tried but I rip myself too much, I itch all over.


I had small cataracts, so paid privately to have RLE multi focal lenses inserted last year and having a problem with my left eye at the moment.


The doctor also says I have Blepharitis, the doctor says. I cant see flaky skin on eyelids, my eyelids are red all the time, itchy, but then I am itch all over. The left eyelid often gets swollen or a ridge in it and can be quite painful and I cant get rid of this especially since July even though loads of antibiotics orally and in drops.


Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids and eyelashes causing red, irritated, itchy eyelids and the formation of dandruff like scales on eyelashes.


I was on antibiotics too for a month 2 tablets a day of 100mg of Doxyclcline Capsules, not for an infection in my body as such, (but eye and eyelid problems) and you would have thought if an infection (checked the antibiotics and it does lots off things so you would think if infection would have got rid of it too and reduced nodes, but it did not), but how are you today?Do you have any similar conditions to myself?


What are your symptoms?

Any lumps? And are they painful?

Do you have any allergies?

Have you a low WBC count?

Have you had any tests?

Been to any specialists yet?Are you male or female?

What age?

someone else said it was maybe down to PMS? not heard of this before being a problem. I have sore/burning I suppose you call it armpit and left breast on and off, for weeks and weeks. I went to the doctor as my armpit hurt the day before I felt under it and found two lumps. that’s why I went to the doctor. he then felt around and said I had nodes up in my groin and small ones in my neck. plus blood tests prior to that showed slightly low white blood cells and also cortisol was slightly out (cant remember if he said high or low) and also my female hormones were out and had problems with missing periods and terrible pelvic trouble, suggesting maybe the menopause coming on.


I have been to the doctor a bit re my eyes and also about stomach/pelvic issues and not feeling right, but was starting to feel better, more energy than before, until I found these armpit lumps and thought oh no what are these?I too worry about cancer and lumps. 


I went again to my doctors and another doctor checked me over, they cannot find any breast lumps, and this doctor said it might turn out that is just because they can feel things easier on me as I am slim, but I think that its weird they are lumps, and I am worried and my armpit and left breast feel different and they do hurt on and off for weeks and female hormones are out and periods messed up, so it could be menopause as well, or could it be something else altering my whole body?I just wonder if anyone has slightly low WBC, glands up, with painful ones in armpit (but not painful in groin and neck, but up) and cortisol out (but I have been stressed recently) and female hormones out might be a separate issue, just my age don’t know.I have a general medicine app at the hospital on the 16th of April, hope to get some answers then. and they are also sending me to an Endocrinologist, but just on the waiting list for this no actual app yet. so could be ages for this one.these appointments are from the first doctor that I saw at my local what can this all be?and how are you at the moment what have they said?


The reason they found the slightly low WBCs and also cortisol and female hormones out a bit as they did 14 blood tests to see why I was feeling bad recently. Including the normal FBC, thyroid, sugar one etc.

bye for now


i suggest you make an appointment with an endocrologist, hope spelling is correct. they can check and make sure your edrenal gland is working properly.