Hey everyone,

I'm new here and was experiencing some swollen glands. Back in November I got sick with Tonsillitis (which I thought was the flu at first) but I went to the ENT and he told me I had tonsillitis and prescribed me meds. After getting sick, I noticed a lump in my right arm near my armpit, then I noticed one on each side of my groin. They are both moveable, yet painless. A couple months ago I went to the dermatologist because my skin was itching like crazy which stemmed back in November when the tonsillitis happened. I thought maybe that the itching was what was causing my glands to enlarge. I told my derm about lymph glands in my groin and armpit and they did a punch biopsy to check the lymphocytes and make sure everything was okay. They only did this to the one under my armpit. I got the results back and everything was fine, no evidence of malignancy, and the outcome of inverse rosea so they gave me some atopic meds and I used that for the skin which has worked great and I haven't had problems since. Thing is my groin/armpit and now little pea size neck glands never went down. They never got bigger either but I would think by now that they would of gone down. So I am not really sure what to do? I was very relieved when the lab for my biopsy came back as normal but from talking to my cousin who is going to be a Physicians Assistant soon she said that punch biopsies are b.s and don't tell much and that my glands enlarging are symptoms of lymphoma. I have no other symptoms aside from that and sore throat at least once a week.

Anyone have any advice or have a similar problem? It'd be greatly appreciated to get some input.

Btw, I'm a 23 year old female.

Thanks for reading.