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severe itching in right armpit/breast. itching happens most every day. i am 64 yrs, and mother had breast cancer before becoming pregnant with me and died when i was 3 yrs old. at age 23 i had first lump in left breast/armpit. drs. decided to remove lump plus lymph nodes and sweat glands in left breast, and then right breast. i was told at that time i had fibrosistic breast disease. at age 46, had breast reduction. since then i have had many lumps in left breast. lumpectomy done plus needle biopsy. i also have new hard cyst or? on side of tongue. can you give me some advice

other family members have died of other cancers. father had stomach cancer/nephew had Hodgkins cancer. grandparents all died of cancer...i feel i have many risk factors.


U boobs aree growing