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Hi i went to a medical clinic 2 weeks ago because i have lumps in my neck and they said it may be a lymph node infection. they put me on antibiotics 500 mg 3 times per day of cephalexin until finished and if they don't clear up after finishing it all see a doctor.

i finished all the antibiotics and the lumps are still there. i went to emergency in the hospital and the doctor in the hospital said i need to get a referall to see an ears nose and throat specialist and that they are my lymph nodes and need to be cut out. so i went back to my family doctor and told him what they said in the hospital, that i need to get a referall to see a specialist, he said the lumps are still small yet and i don't need to see a specialist. well..these lumps are spreading, are itchy and painful and i have lost my appetite and feel sick. so tomorrow i am going to see a doctor at anther clinic to get a referall to see a specialist. all i want is to get a biopsy done. there is strong history of intestinal cancer on my dads side of the family all five brothers and sisters including my dad passed away of intestinal cancer. i told my family doctor i am concerned and all he said is they are small and they will go away. i took antibiotics, they did not go away so i am going to get another opinion. the lumps are spreading and i am worried.

what do you think?

thanks alot, renata giles

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i think you definitely have a right to get a biopsy done... better safe and sorry - i'm glad that you are being so persistent with your doctors. i have a similar problems with my neck glands, all CAT scan showed is that i indeed have swollen lymph nodes... (not abscess like my doc and i wished it would be....) so in 2 wks if it's still there, i'm getting a biopsy taken by an ENT specialist.

good luck with you - get that biopsy done!