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Breast growth represents the very first visible sign of puberty in most girls, who tend to begin developing "breast buds" between the ages of nine and 11, though slightly later is also completely normal. Once breasts start forming, they usually take between three and five years to complete their growth.

Growing breasts can be exciting, worrying, or both at once to a girl. Under the influence of a new hormonal cocktail, mood swings and self-image questions — "am I normal, am I attractive?" — often accompany breast growth, pubic hair growth, and the advent of periods.

Those questions come at an awkward time, considering the fact that a teen's body is still going through many changes, and only a certain stage of development, rather than the whole picture, is on "display" at any given time.

Awkward Questions Teen Girls Often Have About Their Breasts — Answered

If your breasts are lopsided, one side being bigger than the other, you might wonder why and whether your breasts are going to stay that way forever. The answer to this question is that teen girls often go through stages during which one of their breasts is significantly larger than the other. (Yes, that means you are perfectly normal if it happens to you!) While no two breasts are the same, not even on the same woman, your breasts are extremely likely to "even out" over time. Having differently sized breasts during puberty is nothing to worry about and doesn't mean your breasts will always stay that way. If they do, however, this is also normal, though some women decide they want to get surgery to make the size of their breasts more equal.

If your breasts develop slightly earlier or later than those of your peers, that's also completely normal: breasts don't follow the school calendar! They develop when your body is ready, and nobody will know when your breasts started growing once you are in your late teens.

If your breasts are smaller than those of most other girls you know now, that might mean that you'll have an A or B cup in adulthood (which is absolutely normal), or it may mean that your growth is following its own time table. And if they're bigger than usual? That might make for an awkward stage for a while, because your peers are still catching up with you, but unless your breasts are causing you physical discomfort, this too is just a part of your body that's uniquely you and that you neither need to worry about nor be ashamed of.

Know, by the way, that it's perfectly normal for your breasts to feel slightly uncomfortable or heavy while they are growing, and that this is not usually a sign of a medical problem at all. If you develop skin rashes or feel lumps, this is also almost never a sign of breast cancer in a girl still going through puberty. Still, if you are worried about your breasts, always check with your doctor!

I Hate My Breasts: What Now?

Though it's eons ago, I remember it well! My breasts were a lot larger than those of my friends, who promptly abused my insecurities by making fun of me. I assure you that I, like most women, just consider my breasts to be a part of my body, one I am neither proud nor ashamed of, now.

Some women who have breasts that are medically perfectly normal but that they are not aesthetically pleased with do have them surgically "corrected", whether they have small breasts, breasts of diverging sizes, or one breast hanging lower than the other. This is a choice you may be able to make later on in life. In the meantime, bras and inserts can make a big difference to people with those issues. If your breasts are so large that they are causing you pain, meanwhile, a reduction is a worthwhile consideration.

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