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I've heard for some time now that eat and fast and eat that you can liver longer. Is there any truth to this? It seems to be controversial. Everywhere I read makes different claims. I want to stay healthy for as long as I can so I'm constantly looking at diets and what they have to offer. Right now I'm in between diets and trying to determine what diet is best for me. There are so many, it really is confusing to me. At any rate, is there any truth to eat, fast and live longer? If there is I would like to know and will consider trying it. Thanks.


Some research suggests that having intervals of eating and then fasting can make you live longer. According to experiments there is a protein that is involved with weight loss and longevity. This protein is called (insulin-like growth factor 1) or IGF-1 for short. The idea is that you don't want a lot of IGF-1 around because having too much of it can create medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cancer. When you have low levels of IGF-1 your body starts repairing damaged DNA and cells essentially renewing the body. This keeps your cells healthy and prevents disease from setting in.


Now the question is how do you keep your levels of IGF-1 low? Well, you fast. Fasting lowers glucose levels and the production of IGF-1. It turns out that fasting periodically triggers healthy cell renewal. It is reported that fasting can reduce IGF-1 by 50 percent and blood glucose levels can become normal while increasing good cholesterol. All of this reduces the risk of developing diabetes and cancer. But, if you already have diabetes, fasting will help you to get your blood glucose levels back on track. If you are so inclined, you may want to try eating and fasting and see how it makes you feel.