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I'm seeking information on how it feels to have low testosterone levels in a man.

Also, How are you likely to feel after applying Testin (testosterone gel) to the skin. This drug is sold in packs of 30 applications in an alcohol based gel that dries on the skin quickly, but becomes tacky as it dries.

I've heard that early thoughts that agression might result from Testosterone have now been discounted, but I'd still like to know what symptoms to watch for, and what to expect. Also, how fast to expect these responses. Same day? Within a week? After a month?
Within an hour or two of application? Beard growth? Heavier, started, or stimulated within the same day, week, hours? What?


You need to see and MD usually a urologist or other specialist who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement for men. I am doing the regiment and am female. The half life of testosterone is about 30 days, meaning with a dose change your levels adjust up or down within that time period at one point mine were too high
.I was edgy and nauseated but beard, no urge to drink beer or watch football ... (my naturopath jokes with me about this...)

My blood levels are monitored every 3 months . I started a year ago and still do not have them in the right pace, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.. It is my understanding from another MD who does not agree with all of this that Men need to consider the long term effects of testosterone on their prostate .. be your own advocate,. ask alot of questions... find the right MD...most of theses guys do not take the time to fully explain things.