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Journal Sexually Transmitted Infections has published a study which reveals how many men pay for sex and how many of these men are married or have regular partners. Although the numbers are high, the truth may be harsher.
Out of 2,500 men who visited a sexual health clinic, one in ten admitted they had paid for sex. From those who paid for sex, 25% does it on regular basis and 43% are involved in relationships. Twenty percent of the men from the health clinic were found to have STD’s.

Other figures reveal that half of the men paid for sex while they were abroad but 40% of men do it locally.

Unprotected oral sex is practiced on regular basis while vaginal sex is almost always protected. The sad thing is that 56% of those who were paying for unprotected sex had partners.

The most common STD’s contracted were gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and syphilis but none of the 2,500 men contracted HIV.
It seems that the world today and the society, demands and social and economical independencies are leading to instable and fragile relationships. This in return could be one of the reasons for rising trends in the number of men who paid for sex.
Internet is also blame for these rising trends and the availability of the explicit material.

The only thing I can say is women don’t let your husbands travel abroad and put some restriction on internet hours.


I hope my friend will do that to me.