I go to a methadone clinic and up til this past month medicare has paid for my treatment. My clinic changed their billing code to the HOO20 code and that was the begining of the end. They paid for a short time and that was it. I injured my back in 2000 (along with my osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia) and was on high powered pain meds, benzos and muscle relaxers for years and it finally led to severe addiction. I have been to rehabs, counseling and many other forms of treatment and nothing had worked until I started the methadone clinic. It has truly saved my life. People can say what they want about it and yes some addicts use it to get cheap dope but not everyone and besides you don't get high from methadone. I really don't see why medicare won't cover my treatment for addiction but they covered all of my pain clinics and the dope that got me in this life robbing mess. I can't work do to my disability but methadone has got my life back on track. My bills are paid, I have my own place to live, my own car, spend time with my family and grandkids and enjoy life again. So, can someone help me or tell me how to get medicare to pay for my treatment or lead me to someone who can? I thought Obama was going to help with addiction treatment? I