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I suppose I'll start with: I'm 19 years old, married and I have a history of extremely abnormal periods. It'll be there one month, skip 3, pop up for a day then leave again for two weeks only to stay 5 days and so on and so forth. So when I didn't have mine since December, I wasn't curious. I'm not on birth control anymore and haven't been for almost a year (which made it regular, but I have been having serious economical issues).
But when I started noticing a bump of sorts in my stomach area, I got really concerned, took a test and turns out I am pregnant (and by my est., 4 months along now).
This is an extreme issue not only because I am so young but because of my economical state. I go to a food bank, my family is filing for bankruptcy and we are constantly having to ration food/other resources because of this. I seriously doubt I am healthy enough to go through with a pregnancy and make sure the fetus is alright nor take care of it when it is out. I have come to the conclusion of abortion and my husband agrees. Now, the money issue arises once again.
I don't have the money for an abortion.
Are there any ways to get a cheap yet still safe abortion in Colorado?

Note: I also do have some family health issues as does his, so this adds to the con side of having a child.

Also, this is not a post where I want your opinion on if abortion is right or wrong or if I deserve to have a child because I had sex and so on and so forth. I wish only to have the question above answered.
Thank you very much for your time.


Some states offer assistance of sorts not sure where the money comes from  but you could call your local abortion clinic and ask them about it as well as the costs.  I live in Idaho and got my abortion and only paid 3/4th of it because of some justice program and our income.  On the nonabortion side of things when you are pregnant some states help you if your income is in the poverty level.  They could help with food stamps, medical costs and our state has a program WIC that helps with nutrition for the pregnant mother, formula for the baby and later milk for the infant to age 5.  You could call or look up your local health and welfare office to answer these questions and see if you qualify.  If that is an option since your having financial difficulties otherwise if your set on having an abortion then I would call your local abortion clinic/planned parenthood and see what they have to offer if any for financial assistance.  Also a planned parenthood may have financial assistance for birth control when you need it.  I wish you luck and hope for the best for you and your family.