Many people believe that the ability to conceive a baby is up to women. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Issues affecting fertility are almost evenly split between the sexes and this is why it is important to screen both partners for fertility problems.

There are six million couples in the U.S. who report difficulties conceiving. Going to the doctors is not an easy thing to do. With a new home fertility test, they now have another option.

Fertell is screening technology developed by Genosis Inc. It is the first at-home fertility screening kit for both men and women in one package. It allows partners to check in the privacy of their homes. The male fertility test measures the concentration of motile sperm while the female tests for a particular hormone that is a marker for the age of a woman's ovaries and their ability to produce eggs. The results are ready in less than 90 minutes with 95% accuracy in comparison to standard lab tests.