Me myself personally i have been smoking on and off since i was about 8 and now i am almost 20. Every time you quit and start again it is possible to have different marijuana withdrawals every time or even have more withdrawals. The symptoms i have come upon myself have been anxiety, yawning, hot and cold flashes, headaches, stomach pains, loss of appetite, mood swings, and even sometimes just feeling down. but the best thing to do is quit cold turkey cause if you try to just go down to one hit a day or one blunt it just makes you say hey i think ill put it off another week i have lots of friends that smoke to just like i did like 5 blunts a day and when they try to quit they always put it of. So it might be worse quitting cold turkey but look at the bright side everyone's body is different you may only have withdrawals for 10 or 28 days or even in between, but when you are done and through with it you will feel like a million bucks. I used to work out a lot run like 6 miles and lift all the time martial arts and so much exercise when i started smoking all that went down hill i have just now started getting back into it. Smoking is fun while you do it but in the end its still bad for you like any other drug. Marijuana can cause irregular heart beats and loss of short term memory on it and your ambition goes way down. So it is never to late to quit and make your body feel a hell of a lot better. And just remember guys don't give up and stick out the wait cause there is a lot of people trying to knock the temptation just like you. GOOD LUCKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!