I want to share my story because all I see are horrible stories about medical abortion. I researched and researched and was terrified by stories I read. This is what happened: I went into the private ob office and took the pregnancy test and did the u/s and found put I was almost 8 weeks. I talked to the nurse practitioner and decided to do the medical. I was given the pill to take there and given 4 pills for 24-72 hrs later. I was told when I took the second round of pills to try and take them before bed. And to take anti nausea 1 hr before I took the hydrocodone and an hr after the hydrocodone insert the 4 pills into my vagina. I was also told to take a pain pill one hr after I inserted the four pills (which I didnt because I didnt feel I needed to). After I took the first pill I felt fine the rest of that day I went to bed that night and woke up in the middle of the night with stomach pain. The next morning and the rest of that day I was throwing up the whole day and my stomach just hurt. So I waited til the next night to take the other pills. The next night I followed the instructions I was given and took the pills in the order I was told an hr apart. I finally inserted the 4 into my vagina and waited. After a half hour I still felt nothing and ended up falling asleep. I woke up around 1 and after a while started to feel some pain in my vagina and the cramps came. They felt like a mix of cramps and contractions but they werent as bad as I was expecting. I threw up once after cramping. Finally I felt some blood and went to the bathroom and I passed clots and what felt like a ball drop out and plunk into the toilet. After that I didnt feel any cramps and went to lie back down. After a while cramps started back up and I was passing clots. The cramps lasted for almost 5 hrs and at almost 6 am I fell asleep and when I woke up again the cramps were gone. That next day I bled like a heavy period and had no more cramps. Its now four days later and I woke up with cramps but they feel like regular period cramps. Ibuprofen has relieved them and dont feel the need to take anymore hydrocodone. This experience wasnt bad as I thought. I was worked up and upset because of other peoples stories even though I knew I shouldnt listen to them!