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I just wanted to put my story out there.  I found out that I was pregnant when I was a week late for my period.  I was on birth control and me and my partner used condoms.  Out of all the precautions, I still became pregnant.  I believe I am too young for a family and have some health problems, so carrying full term would have been risky.  Anyway, I wanted to put out this story for anyone who might be scared or looking for some information on the procedure itself and the aftermath.  Here is the story:

I went to the womens clinic on 9/15/12 for the first initial appointment.  The people were very nice.  I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant.  Also, they did an ultrasound, blood tests, and financial screening.  I was nervous, but all my questions were answered.   I went home and read every thread I could on the process.  Some were scary, which is one reason why I knew I wanted to document everything.  

On 9/18/12- I went to the clinic to get the first pill (Mifeprex), which ends any pregnancy hormones in your body from developing. I got some mild cramps, but nothing terrible.  I went to the store to get everything I needed for the next day.  I got some Sprite, picked up my medication (the mifepristone, the loratabs, and the anti-nausea medicine.  I was instructed to start the next step of the process after 12 the next day. 

On 9/19/12- I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 10:00 am, with some crackers.  I knew that I would want something on my stomach.  @11:00 am- I took the anti nausea medicine with one pain pill.   At  1150 - inserted four pills in mouth and was sitting up in bed with electric blanket on high.  The pills did not taste chalky.  I kept Sprite and a water bottle beside my bed.  I am watching tv.  If your mouth gets dry, try drinking from a water bottle since the mouth is a little small and is easier to get smaller sips.  By 12:39 pm- I was quite nervous because the pills were now fully dissolved, but I had no cramping.  Of all the posts I had read, they all said by 20 mins, the cramps had started.  By 1:30, the cramps started but they were not that bad and I was just laying down.   I think the pills kicked in because I took a nap from 145-245.  I was awaken at 250 because the bleeding  started and so I ran to the bathroom.  This is when I passed the first clot.  It was painful.  I was laying on the floor, and stayed here until about 4:00.  During that time, I witnessed extreme cramps, but they would come and go.  I did have diarrhea and threw up, but nothing that cannot be handled.  I would say to make sure you take the medicine.  I think this is what made the cramps somewhat bearable.  On a scale of 1-10, I would say that the worse cramps were a 8.     By 5:00, I was exhausted, so I laid down.  I took another Loratab at 5:30, and fell asleep.  

I went to work the next day and felt fine.  I bled very heavily for about 2.5 weeks.  The bleeding would come and go, but after 2.5 weeks, I was fine.  My follow up appointment was on 10/11/12.  The lady said that the test came out negative and I was fine.  I felt relieved.  I was told that my period would return between 6-8 weeks.  I must tell you that after the 2.5 weeks, my boyfriend and I had sex, and he did finish inside me.  I knew I didnt want to go through something like this again, so I went out the next day and took the plan b.  

Weeks went by and days went by and my period never came.  I took about 12 pregnancy tests and they would all come up negative.  I was a nervous wreck!  Finally, on 12/3/12, my period came. That is about 10 weeks and 5 days.  


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