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After reading up on the abortion pill and coming across the numerous amounts of scary/negative stories, I wanted to share my POSITIVE one with people who may be feeling uneasy or unsure about whether or not they are making the right decision.I chose the abortion pill over the surgical abortion because to me, I felt as if it is the more "natural" of the two. I did not want to be put under and the thought of a foreign object going inside of me for it was not something I wanted.

I went to the local Planned Parenthood after I had taken two at home pregnancy tests and they were both positive. I have to say- the people there are SO sweet and SUPER understanding. They made me feel at ease the entire time. The nurse gave me the choice of whether or not I wanted to see the ultrasound (which is standard procedure to a- make sure you're pregnant and b- see how far along you are; which can determine whether or not you're eligible for the pill version). At first I did not think I would want to look at it because I thought it would upset me. But once she was doing the ultrasound, I changed my mind. It really didn't upset me as much as I had thought it would; a part of me felt better after seeing it, to be honest. I want to have children one day, but right now is just not the time for me.

Before going to Planned Parenthood, I had already read up on the abortion pill, so I knew what to expect, but also wrote down questions I had had (mainly about how long I should bleed for, when the cramping will start, etc.) The people at Planned Parenthood walked me through the entire process though and were very thorough in explaining things to me. While I was there, they gave me my first pill (which is to stop the pregnancy and your body's natural progesterone levels) and they also gave me antibiotics which is meant to prevent any infection. They also sent me home with 4 pills to take within the next two days which started the abortion part itself. The last thing that they gave me was anti-nausea prescription and pain killer prescription (which was only $8 TOTAL at Walmart, and I do not have health insurance).

After leaving the clinic, I was still a little nervous; not about whether or not I was making the right decision, but because of the negative stories I had read.... so I was scared about taking the 4 pills the next day. So the next morning came:

11am- I had breakfast

11:30- took my first dose of anti-nausea medication and IbPrufen.

Noon- put the 4 pills in my gums ******during this time I was told I MAY feel nauseas and could vomit... so I was sure to be comfortable. I sat up in my bed with my boyfriend and my laptop and watched one of my favorite shows. It's important and necessary to keep the pills in for 30 minutes.

12:30- I had a little bit of 1 of the pills still in my mouth, so at this point I swallowed it with water and waited for the cramps to begin....

1:00- took first bout of pain killers in anticipation of cramps because most people said it started within 30min- 2 hrs after taking the 4 pills1:15- fell asleep while cuddling with my boyfriend and watching my show.

3:15- I woke up. I think it was because my body was starting the process. I had to use the restroom and my cramps and bleeding started.I bled/discharged clumps most heavily for about 3-4 hours (it subsided around 7:30pm; was still cramping, but not bad at all).

Throughout the entire process I was definitely more tired than usual and napped on and off. Cramping wasn't really TOO unbearable; but I took the pain meds before the cramping starting and then again 4 hrs later before they wore off. It TRULY just felt like a bad period.The clumping (I was told) could be as big as a lemon... the biggest I had were probably the size of a quarter, maybe a little larger. That was probably the weirdest part, was feeling the clumps fall out. The bleeding and clumps were worse when I would stand up, but most of the time it came out while on the toilet

.***Another important thing- I did not feel sick AT ALL. I was eating normally. I did not vomit and I did not have diarrhea at all. I was really nervous one or both would happen because of other stories I had read, but I felt completely fine.I bled lightly for the next 3 days. Then spotted sporadically for the next week or so (maybe just every 3 days). But as of two weeks after, the bleeding and clumps were completely gone. My post appointment went well. They did an ultrasound just to verify that it worked and my uterus was clear of everything.

Overall, my experience was positive. The cramping and bleeding were no where near as bad as I had thought it would be. I did not get nauseas at all and did not have a fever at all. I was more tired than usual, but listened to my body and just slept when I wanted to. I hope that my experience helps soothe someone's mind about doing this. I feel like more people in general are more likely to write a negative experience than a positive one, which is why I wanted to make sure I shared my positive one.

Everything will be okay!!! You're making the right decision for yourself. Just make sure to be prepared (have pads, movies, food, pain meds, comfy clothes, blankets, etc) to help the process go as easily as possible :)


My boyfriend, now husband and I were considering that same option about 2 years ago as we were only together 4 months when I got pregnant. We made 3 appt and as each one approached neither of is could bring ourselves to go in so we didn't, we were so scared about everything!! I am so happy we decided against it and are now getting ready to celebrate our sons first birthday. I guess it's just not for everyone, I'm glad I thought long and hard about it before my decision. I can't imagine my life withouty little guy. Thanks for sharing your story to help others, hopefully both of ours will help others..