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It is said that around one in seven couples in the UK experience problems with conceiving. The problem seems to be equally divided between men and women. One needs to go through a lot of trouble to determine infertility. Going to the clinic, exposure, waiting for the results can be annoying and it could put off many men in checking themselves.

Birmingham University researchers and reproductive products company Genosis developed the world's first over-the-counter home fertility test for men. The kit, which will include both male and female fertility tests, will go on general sale from January 9 and cost £79.99.

The new male test works by forcing sperm to swim through a barrier, which mimics the female cervix. The device then measures the concentration of active sperm. If the level is high enough, a red line will indicate a positive test.

Researchers say that the test is 95% accurate. They are hoping that this device will give couples early warning of potential reproductive problems and make them seek help sooner because fertility decreases with age.


Hi my name is sandra. Me and my husband are trying to concieve and are having a difficult time. He was in a car accident two years ago and the doctors said he may not ever be able to have children and we just want to know. Can I please have the name of this test? And is it available in the US?