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Men are soon going to be offered an alternative to vasectomy, a contraceptive method that leaves men sterile for the rest of their lives and with possible complications.

A pill that is being developed can always reverse the sterility it is supposed to cause, and the researchers believe this approach may be more appealing to many men. The statistics say that around 60 million men around the globe have been sterilized - a number similar to that of women taking the pill.

It is Berlin-based pharmaceutical company, Schering, that has been working on the development of the pill with the leading professor Ursula-Friederike Habenicht.

Almost 45 years after developing the female contraceptive pill, men are about to get their. It is in a form of an implanted hormonal capsule and an injection given every few months.

Scientists are facing a tiny problem-the daily production of 70 and 100 million sperm that needs to be stopped. The hormonal capsule in combo with the testosterone injection would make the brain to stop with the sperm production in the testicles by increasing the levels of body’s testosterone and tricking the brain into believing that sufficient sperm are already present. This would stop the further production of the sperm.

Although it could take some time for the sperm count to be reduced to zero and that there is no substitute for the injecting testosterone, the researchers believe that this form of male contraception will be widely accepted.


Yet another male contraception method that makes the men's testicles completely atrophy and stop working over time. This method effectively chemically and totally castrates the man over time. Then he needs permanent and expensive artificial testosterone replacement for the rest of his life to remain a man and sexually functioning or he will become non-sexual and a totally gelded eunuch if he stops the artificial testosterone. Some choice. Might as well admit to as much as cutting his testicles fully off as to slowly shut them down permanently and they shrink up to a non functioning and mere shell of a testicle and never be able to function again as this method will certainly do to a man. Be honest, this is a complete chemical castration over time for any man doing this method. Men don't want that.