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Recent research found that one of the most common sexually transmitted diseaeses, Chlamydia, has a great influence causing female and male fertility. Infection often goes untreated cause symptoms are not too obvious and that might lead to low sperm quality.

In study, scientists examined sperm from men diagnosed with chlamydia and found that DNA fragmentation was three times more damaged then in healthy men. They also found that the concentration of sperm and ability to swim quickly were also very low and analysis showed increased level of shape defects.

After diagnose, patients were treated with antibiotics and after four months, DNA sperm damage was improved by 35% and during that period some couples succeeded in getting pregnant and after the treatment about 85% of the couples got pregnant.

The main problem is to inform especially young people of the consequence chlamydia could cause if it goes untreated. Until recent it was considered that chlamydia causes female fertility but now scientist are sure that it causes male fertility as well and young people should seriously think about it. Men don’t experience symptoms same as woman, it’s not causing them a great deal of problems, that’s why it’s important to encourage them to go for the screening and get treatment on time if it’s needed.


I believe you mean INfertility