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My name is Richard I would like to sell my nuts how much money can I make on one or two nuts on my body can somebody give me a name or number of a doctor who does this or he could give me more information about sound my nuts and I would like to know this would I still be able to come with no nuts rich 


Soory bud, that's a big rumor started by some reality TV program that we can sell our balls (testicles) for money. Its a false story. Hardly any study will pay for a man's balls to be cut off. Some sperm banks might pay you for your sperm as a sperm donor for infertile couples and single women to use your sperm to make babies, but only if you are young enough and reallly healthy, handsome, intelligent and have a clear family health history. Some male birth control testing might pay you to try out new male birth control methods and they'd love to test on a man who doesn't mind losing his balls if anything goes wrong. But so many men want to be sterilized after having all the kids a man wants, that most male birth control tests have lots of free volunteers to test and don't have to pay big money to sterilize men. Men pay to get sterilized and many are eager to get fixed for free. So, men's nuts are not worth a lot to sell for science or testing, hanging on your body or cut off of you lol. Just enjoy your balls and sex to the max.

If a man loses both of his balls to injury or castration, he can't make any sperm or babies after that, unless he freezes his sperm before he loses his balls. A man can get artificial testosterone in medicine forms to still be able to have erections and have sex, but no impregnations since he has no sperm with no balls. One healthy testicle can do the work of two balls to keep you a man and make sperm and babies like 2 balls would. But there's no market to pay lots of money for our balls. They are definitely worth way more to you than to anyone else lol. Enjoy yours to the max. Transgender men getting surgery to become females lose their balls every day and no one buys theirs at all. Men with testicular cancer and prostate cancer get castrated every day and no one buys their balls, healthy or unhealthy nuts just don't sell. There are already lots of fine and healthy men's balls getting thrown out as garbage every day. Sad reality, but true. Count yourself lucky to have a healthy pair hanging and eager to work for you..