My menstrual has been on for about 3 months total.  It began March 18th and is still on today May 1st.  I missed two cycles in January and February.  I believe it was due to stress.  I was preparing to defend my thesis, still dealing with a break up, and waiting to hear back from doctoral programs.  

Fast forward to March, I was accepted into school on March 15th, literally 2-3 days later, my menstrual came.  My mind and body were finally relaxed and relieved of all stress. I haven't had any symptoms (tender breasts, fatigue, nausea, or cramping) but I usually never do and haven't since I started in the 6th grade.

 My normal menstrual isa bout 4 days max.  About 2 weeks ago, I started seeing blood clots. I consulted with a nurse who assured me my body is cleansing itself of what I missed in January and February.  My flow is dark and heavy overnight and bright red during the day.  My last pap came back normal. I'm not sure what to think.