hi, i've had this fear of not being able rise to the occasion so to speak.i've had this problem for as long as i can remember.i know this problem is all in my head as i'm able to get an erection by my slef or with past girlfriends.at the start of any new relationship i have ever had this problem has always happen't.i have never had 1 nite stands and always end up in relationships just so i can have a normal sex life. i came out of a 5 year relationship 9 months ago and i'm faced with this problem yet again and i dont want to start a new relationship just so i can have sex,but would realy like to have a sex life but this fear i have seems to be worse than ever and is haven a real bad effect on my life. surely there's a easy soluation to my problem as its all in my head.i have tried many things in the past to no avail. hope somebody can help with my problem