This is my second new post because no one answered my first one.  I have searched this sight but everything I have read does not answer my question.I am 47 years old and I had by tubes cut and burnt close to 20 years ago. I have RA and am taking methotrexate.  In Dec 2012, my period did not come but in Jan 2013 I had a very light period that lasted 4 days. I usually spot the first day then for 7 days the flow is very heavy then I would have 2 to 3 days of spotting. After my very light period in Jan I started spotting 2 days later and spotted for 3 weeks. The spotting went from very little spotting (not needing anything but a pantyliner) to a little heavier spotting (did int come close to feeling a tampon) to just a little spotting again. In Feb and March the same thing. I am due again the first week of April.I am wondering if I am going through menopause but everyone I have talked to and everything I have read said that spotting all month is not normal for menopause.  I do not know if I am pregnant or not because the tests I took in Dec, January, and March were neg. I never had pregnancy symptoms with my first 2 children other than a missed period.  I went to my GP a week ago but all she would say was that I was in peri menopause.  She did not take any test or examination and did not think I was pregnant because of my tubal.  I have an appointment in two weeks with a OB/GYN for a pap.  I will explain everything to him.  If I am pregnant I would be around 20 weeks.  What are the chances of having a baby without deformities with me being on low does methotrexate.  I take 17.5 mg once a week.  In Dec I stopped taking it until I got what I thought was my period in Jan.  The spotting I took to be menopause symptom.  I am so confused right now.  If I am pregnant I do not believe I could abort it would kill me.    Any comments would be helpful.