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Hi I am 15 and have been put on Microgynon 30 to stop my periods because of Dysmenhorea. I started it 2 weeks ago and have been having pins and needles during the night. There really bad and take me forever to get rid of. I take the pill at night and i am waking up because of the pins and needlesand  my right arm occasionally feels really weak, 'dead' and heavy. What is going on? Any ideas on what this could be and what i should do? Thanks so much



You know that you can get on a birth control and it would stop your period instead of going thur pain. Im on the depo shot and it works good on stopping periods. The only time you will bleed is on the day you are suppose to go and re-take the shot. I say try a birth-control because wo would want to be in pain in the middle of the night.