I started taking Micronor (mini pill) August 5, 2011. I have only missed a dose by a few hours once since I have started taking it. I was getting my period approx every 2 weeks and ALWAYS when my female room mate would begin hers. Before Micronor I was on Levora and my DR switched me to Micronor due to migraines.

My periods were August 12th- 13th
August 28-September 1
September 23-28th

and nothing since then. My roommate started hers on Friday and I was cramping a bit, but absolutely nothing now and no bleeding at all. My fiance and I do not use any other methods then the micronor, and have sex regularly 4-5 times a week. I am wondering if I am pregnant and when I should test for accurate results. Or if it is just that my periods have stopped from this pill. Any advice or previous experiences? I dont want to continue BC and risk defects in my baby if pregnant, and obviously dont want to stop taking it and end up pregnant if I am not!

Thank you!