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PLZ help me....  i had protected sex with my gf on 11th dec  2012.. as it was the first time she tool the EC pill on 12th...Again we had sex on 14th night .. though protected, i came to know that there was a hole in condom ..  :( ( now what to do... plz help)  i dont know whether the sperms went inside or not.. but we are afraid..will the affect of EC balance it... OR she might be pregnant.... PLEASE HELP ...her Details-----   She had her last periods on 13th of Nov 2012... but her periods are due in dec due to EC pill.. PLEASE HELP ME !!!!     M afraid that she could be PREGNANT...  :(   :( PLEASE PLEASE ITS AN EMERGENCY... thanx....


Hi Ankit,

Emergency contraceptives are for "after" you've had sex, not before.  It is not designed to provide protection for you when you had sex on the 14th after taking the pill on the 12th.

If there was a hole in the condom, sperm MAY have gotten through.  It depends upon the size of the hole and other variables.

Did her period start or end on the 13th?  In any case, the timing would be poor for her to get pregnant, more so if her period started on the 13th.  

Day 1 of her cycle is when her period starts.  She would ovulate sometime between days 11 and 16 of her cycle.  The egg is only viable (able to be fertilized) for about 48 hours.  Your sperm can remain alive for about 5 days.  

The EC pill can make her NEXT SEVERAL periods early or late AND heavier or lighter than normal.

She can take a home pregnancy test if she's late.  

I don't think she's pregnant.




thanx for your answer .....

i got her msg now.
that she is bleeding....... that is she got her periods but with less blood..

now what shall i conclude....

PLEASE help.... i am so tensed... ( thanx for your quick response.... )


It sounds like she is starting her period, good. It CAN be different after taking EC.

I don't think she is pregnant but you can always suggest a home pregnancy test if she has any doubts.

Good luck.


thanx for your answers... me too dont think that she is pregnant..

but vill do the home pregnancy test and tell you the updates..

PLEASE RESPOND IN FUTURE.... thnx for ur support Dan ...