Here's what I know at the moment. The mifepristone is a 3pill packet that u take all@once. This WAS a single pill dose, but the trials that the statistics are based on; were done w/3pills not one-so the govt made that be changed. The OTHER medical abortion option; which has a different primary drug (that I can't name right now) is a shot. The secondary (Misoprostol) is the same-used to force you to contract and expell the fetus and everything like a menstral cycle. These are only done from 5-7wks, the further u are, the higher the failure rate. I opted for the pill/pill mifepristone since everything I read online said it had a 95-97% (?)success rate, where the shot drug was 92-96%(?). NOW I'm reading that may have been in the France trials, and it was much lower in the later US trials ):|
So, Thursday @10:30a I took mifepristone. I felt dizzy/Lil sick here/there after walking around a lot. It felt like my norm morning sickness + slight dizzy spells that lasted a minute or less.
It is Friday @11pm still NOTHING has happened, no blood. I am in a panic that its not working and I'll need suction. Around 8pm today I has some slight clearish discharge... that's the only activity. I take the other pills in the morning and I am scared. I am dreading the pain & heart ache. I've been reasurred constantly by surrounding things/ppl in my life, that I made the right choice. I am focused on my wonderful child- I smile because I KNOW I am protecting her life & well being, and it can be a really good one. I have done what's right for her future, and mine. I am going to step up my game as a devoted single mother :') and not waste a minute of it. Wish me luck with the rest of this medication. :'(
I should mention I took the first pills @6wks +3day...hopefully not to close to the 7wk (9 in some places) cutoff :/ hopefully the lack of activity is normal and the misoprostol will take care of the rest :