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my niece was told there were two heartbeats on her initial visit, thus, she was told there were twins, this was four weeks, she was told to come back in a week, there was only one heart beat and she was told she lost one of the twins, she had no symptoms, has had none, could two fetuses be seen on ultrasound at four weeks, she is stil being asked to go in each week, they do not say why just checking on the baby, will her chances of carrying the other fetus be lessened by losing one, I am baffeled by this, she just nods and does what they tell her. will look for your answer on this site.


TWIN pregnancies CAN ABSORB each other..

Basically, if one twin was small enough, the other twin can absorb the other twin.

HER BODY can also have absorbed the pregnancy, if it did infect die.