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Hi girls,

My sister just started the Somersize program, without reading a book. But, four months ago she gave a birth to a lovely baby girl!

I gave her a piece of advice to go to see her doctor, because I am not sure how this somersizing plan can affect her health. She is breastfeeding her baby, and I am afraid that this plan during this process can affect her health and her body!

So, is this program completely safe? Can she lose her pounds again?

Any advice? What has been your experience with this program while breastfeeding?

Please, let me know!



Hello there,

I don't have experience with somersizing diet at all. But, my godmother has!

She has followed this eating plan for years. She maintained desired weight for long, long time, and she was so happy with somersizing diet program! But then, she got pregnant! She also tried to somersize while breastfeeding, but nothing! She lost only 3 pounds. No weight came off.

It was strange, because every time she followed this program, she lost all pounds that she wanted. Now, nothing! It does not seem to be working.

She was eating healthy, she was exercising.

So, do any of you have any idea what happened?