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Halloween may be great fun, but it can quickly turn into a disaster if you ignore basic health and safety rules. With some simple steps, you can soak in the holiday atmosphere in peace.

With Halloween coming up, you are probably getting ready to carve your pumpkins! Take care you don't cut yourself, and keep your family safe by taking a few simple precautions.

Relax And Enjoy Yourself

Are you worried about razor blades hidden in apples, kids throwing up after eating buckets of candy, or jack-o-lanterns burning your house down? Halloween is one of the most fun and memorable holidays for kids, and mom and dad can enjoy this night too!

How? Our health and safety tips will keep everyone physically safe. But you should consider your mental health even before you get to that part. If there is any aspect of Halloween that you are particularly worried about or just something you really don't like the thought of, don't make that thing part of your Halloween celebration.

Does the thought of Trick or Treating freak you out? Skip it, and have an indoor Halloween party instead! Are you trembling when you think about making your kids' costumes yourself? Just buy them, but make sure they are not highly flammable.

Holidays give families a great chance to (re)connect and build memories. Research shows that families who enjoy holidays and special traditions together are stronger. But if you are stressed, Halloween will not be any fun for you or anyone else in your family. So remember to relax and enjoy the holiday together with your kids. Have fun, even if it involves a little more sugar than you would usually be comfortable with.

Keep Germs Away

Many people feel that Halloween really brings in the fall. It's also the start of the flu season, unfortunately. Trick or Treating offers plenty of opportunities to the influenza virus. What can you do to prevent the flu? Washing your hands frequently is the most effective measure anyone can take, and if you have kids they should be reminded to “wash the bacteria away” as well! If you are pregnant or have a weaker immune system for some other reason, now is the time to get your flu shot.

Drive Safely

More kids die in car accidents on Halloween night than at any other time of the year. That's one spooky statistic you don't want becoming a part of. Parents should always accompany their children when they go out Trick or Treating to stop them from darting back and forth across seemingly safe roads in an effort to collect as many treats as possible. You can stay visible in various ways — flashlights are one option, while a reflective waistcoat is another possibility. You can dress up as a road worker and make safety look cool! 

If you are going to drive your car on Halloween night, drive more slowly than usual and be on the look-out for Trick or Treaters who forgot to look left and right, and who didn't stick to the appropriate places to cross the road. Perhaps you could also consider simply staying in and having your own Halloween dinner party. There will be plenty of neighborhood kids looking for treats, after all.

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