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I am a 78 year old male and have a problem with BURNING FEET. I have talked to numerous doctors and have taken a ton of medications. I, while not a Dr., have decided my problem could be toxins. Prior to the EPA we used carbon tetrachloride like water as a cleaning agent and fire extinguisher fluid. Polychlorinated by-phenyls for transformer coolant and washing electrical parts to name a few. Is there anyone out there with any help for my burning feet?


Hi Barry,
If I was there I'd check to see if there is little red dots on your feet. If there were it could be many things:
1. Rash
2. Poison Ivy
3. Poison Oak
4. Athletes Foot
All those are possible, even there your doctors should have seen it on they're own. See other doctors and go to the hospital. Get many opinions. When they really do burn, put some ice in a big plastic bag and rest a towel over it then your feet. Keep them like that for 20 minutes and then wait 40 minutes, then repeat. Try staying off your feet as it could be gout as well... usually gout doesn't show on the skin, it only makes it very painful to walk or anything, see if your feet hurt with little pressure on them.
I hope this helps.


Hi there Barry, burning feet can be tthe result of a number of things from diabetes to old age (common in people over 50). The following article gives a lot of useful information on causes and prevention and treatment, but I would still say you needed a Podiatrist.

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Krystelle x